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    Print execute command ... not defined in alephcom.ini

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    Some colleagues have reported being unable to print file serial-13-20091216.rpt from Task Manager. They get an error message as follows:

    Print execute command XML_XSL not defined in alephcom.ini. [In another case, the message was:
    Print execute command PLAIN,L01 not defined in Alephcom.ini". ]

    However, I get no error message and am able to print this file. On comparing alephcom.ini on my PC with that of a colleague's PC, they are the same. I'm attaching both - alephcom.ini is from my PC and alephcom_andy.ini is from Andy's PC.

    Short answer: The file may be corrupted. Try bringing it again from the server to the pc.

    Long answer:

    I don't think that the problem is in alephcom.ini, because, as you say, it is identical on both PCs. I suspect that the problem may be related to the file itself, which may be corrupted on the affected PC. Do you actually print the file from the PC (upper pane of the Task Manager), or from the server (lower pane of the Task Manager)? If the file is being printed out from the PC, try printing it from the server. If it works, delete the file from the PC and then load it again (by double-clicking it in the lower pane of the Task manager to bring it to the upper pane).

    [From site:]

    We've been doing some testing on a PC where this was a problem. We confirmed that the original file serial-13-20091216.rpt on the c: drive gave the error indicated. The original file had been moved to a 'save' folder in data print of CCC50 and renamed as z_serial-13-20091216.Wed - the rename being part of a standard routine we have in place so today's folder always contains that day's jobs. I then copied this back to data print so it could be seen in Task Manager - and printed as you suggested from the server. This was fine.

    We then experimented with naming the original file on the c: drive as 'test' and renamed the 'z' version to the same as the original - ie serial-12-20091216.rpt. This still printed OK.

    So - the files are the same, but only one prints OK. Renaming the 'good' file to the 'bad' name has no impact - and if renaming has no bearing on the problem, why does the 'z' file print and the original not? I'm attaching both files, and it would be interesting to see if you get the same results. Good luck!

    [From Ex Libris:]

    Your analysis confirms my suggestion that the original file serial-13-20091216.rpt on the c: drive was corrupt. After you brought a fresh file from the server it printed OK. The file may look the same, but the encoding or something else may be corrupt.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013