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    Problem adding an additional report format for acq-14

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17 and up


    After adding a new format for acq-14 by editing the p-acq-14.xml to add the new one as format-02 when running the job from the client, it says it is using format-02 but the output clearly says it is format-00.


    Please check the following:

    1. Be sure you've defined the new "02" letter type as an option in the "List-Format:" pull-down menu in the vendor record in the xxx50/tab/pc_tab_exp_field.lng table (see line #3 below):

    ACQ_LETTER_TYPE L Regular 00
    ACQ_LETTER_TYPE L Order letter 01
    ACQ_LETTER_TYPE L EDI Order List 02
    ACQ_LETTER_TYPE L Foreign vendors - Former USSR 03
    ACQ_LETTER_TYPE L Donation - thank you letter 08
    ACQ_LETTER_TYPE L Urgent orders 09

    Be sure to re-start the pc_server after making updates to pc_tab_exp_field.lng.

    2. Do the following if you haven't already:

    a. Run UTIL I/6 in xxx01 (e.g. usm01)
    b. Run UTIL X/7 (clean utf files) in the vir01
    c. Delete all versions of "acq-order-list-nn" in C:\AL500\Alephcom\files\USM50\PrintTemplates\eng\
    d. Re-connect to the Acq client (the latest files from xxx01/form_eng will be downloaded) and run acq-14 again

    3. Add a line to /xxx50/tab/form_description.lng [NOTE from table header regarding col. 2 (form format): "If left blank the entry will apply for all formats"] (e.g.):

    ! 1 2 3
    acq-order-list 02 EDI Order List

    Be sure to re-start the pc_server after making updates to form_description.lng.

    • Article last edited: 19-DEC-2016