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    Problem with p-manage-36 matching on large, hyphenated character strings

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    We have been successfully using manage-36 to find matching records when we are loading e-book MARC records. The field we match on, the 910, is a field we add to the incoming record that contains the e-book vendor’s e-book ID.
    From FCC01/tab/tab_match:
    EBOOK match_doc_gen TYPE=IND,TAG=910##,CODE=EBKID,SUBFIELD=a

    However, a recent vendor, Overdrive e-audiobooks, has a rather large hyphenated e-book ID, e.g. 4E8FFF26-AD40-489E-8CDB-64C6254D8E11 .

    We are not able to match on this ID. We can match on this ID when we shorten it to only 9 characters, but we need the entire ID in the 910 subfield a.

    An example manage_36 that didn’t find matches during a load (even though all records should have matched): /laps/ebooks/spc/pm36_spc01_20070426.log. This is on our pre-prod Oak Server.

    Question: Is there a setting that we can change so that the manage-36 will match on this ID?

    The direct index can accommodate a string up to 40 characters, includeing subfield indicators. The example you cite is actually 41, so the last digit is being truncated. Here is the field in the z11 table, retrieved using sql:

    SQL-FCC01> select Z11_TEXT from z11 where Z11_REC_KEY like 'EBKIDov4e8fff26%';
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    You can see the truncation. I wonder if you could strip out the hyphens using tab_filing. This may buy you just enough extra room. Note that it will require rebuilding the direct index, or some other method of reindexing the Overdrive bibs.


    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013