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    Problems re-loading z39.50-retrieved records saved in MyRecords (GUI)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    In the GUI Cataloging module, I saved a few records from the result set retrieved via z39.50 queries (Multi-base CCL Search) from an external resource. Right after saving those records in MyRecords, I could reload them to the GUI window with no problem. However, after I closed the GUI client and logged in again hours or days later, I encountered problems in loading some of the saved records from MyRecords in the GUI Cataloging module. I frequently got the following error messages while loading some of the records: "Remote Service Error (c1001 11) Record does not exist"

    When such an error message was thrown, the system only showed the "Doc no" values (e.g., 1/1. 2/2, and etc.) in the upper pane of the GUI window while displaying nothing else.

    On further investigation, I could see that the records in question had contents (not empty). Besides, once in a while, I could load them successfully. In all this error happens much more frequently than successful loading of the records in the GUI cataloging module.

    Given the fact that the records you're trying to reload into MyShelf were retrieved via z39/50, the C:\AL500\16-02\AL500\ALEPHCOM\files\MyRecords\wcrane.xml file you created contains only pointers to the actual files on their native database (as long is the connection to their gate server is still open/active; you can access their records with these numbers; however once the session is terminated or a new search is executed, you cannot):

    <note />

    Each z39.50 gateway that you connect to (e.g. Library of Congress) has different timeouts for result sets so, you can re-access their records (via your saved MyShelf file) depending on how long/short their result timeout is. Also, the default z39.50 profile that ALEPH works with will only keep one result set at a time; result sets don't accumulate therefore you cannot refer back to a result set from a z39.50 search if you've executed another (different) search in the same base in the meantime.

    If you would like to save the actual BIB records that you have retrieved via z39.50 (not simply the pointers to them in a remote database) I suggest that once you retrieve the results set from a z39.50 search, select specific records (one-at-a-time) in the 1. Brief list (in the upper pane of the of the Show node) and push them to the cataloging module with the "catalog" button. Once they are in the cataloging module you can save them to your local drive (e.g.) C:\AL500\CATALOG\DOC\NEW04.MRC.

    If you just want to save the records (and not eventually load them into ALEPH as cataloging record) you can use the “Print/Send” button to email/save to disk/print the results set – but this will be formatted XML; not a flat MARC file that can be loaded.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013