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    Processing status displays in both Item Status column and Due Date column

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    We find that when an item has a z30_item_process_status, the tab15 text for this status appears in the Web Holdings in both the Item Status column and the Due Date column. For example, an item with item process status 'HD' displays 'Ask at Circulation' (the tab15 HD text) in both columns. If the item is charged to a patron, the Due date displays correctly. This problem shows up for any item with a process status other than blank,

    A subroutine "circ_status_holding" is being called in 16.02 and the message has moved from $alephe_error_eng/www_f_heading to $alephe_error_eng/circ_status_holding. You need to change the $alephe_error_eng/circ_status_holding message 8013.

    As delivered, it is:

    8013 0000 L $1

    (where the $1 variable is the TAB15-TEXT).

    Thus, the effect is that the item-process-status text is repeated in both the Due-Date column and the Item-Status column.

    You can correct this by either changing the $1 to blank:

    8013 0000 L

    or by changing it to some other text, such as:

    8013 0000 L Not Checked Out

    Additional Information

    16.02, processing status, item status

    • Article last edited: 10/29/2013