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    Publication pattern problems

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    We want to get the following sequence:

    v101. no 1 (Winter:2004)
    v101. no 2 (Spring:2004)
    v101. no 3 (Summer:2004)
    v101. no 4 (Autumn:2004)

    We haven't been able to get this because the year always seems to want to change in Spring if you use the MARC21 21,22,23,24 codes.

    Is there any other way of getting this publication pattern right?

    Is there pattern database? Is it searchable? Can we import just the records we want or just view the records we want so that we can see if they are worth having? And how do we get access?

    ALEPH always expects the year to start with season code 21. If the publication pattern starting date is in January to March, and season code 21 is not used, then undesirable patterns occur. The default setup, as defined in $alephe_tab/853_chrono, for patterns with language code "eng" or blank in the 008 is 21=Spring 22=Summer 23=Autumn 24=Winter.

    Our suggestion would be to use a new language code, let's say "zen" (for Season Winter) which appears in $alephe_tab/marc_language_codes, and place the following in $alephe_tab/853_chrono (above the ### lines):
    zen4 M Jan.
    zen M Feb.
    zen M Mar.
    zen M April
    zen M May
    zen M Jun.
    zen M Jul.
    zen M Aug.
    zen M Sep.
    zen M Oct.
    zen M Nov.
    zen M Dec.
    zen S Winter
    zen S Spring
    zen S Summer
    zen S Autumn

    Set the language code in the 008 field of the HOL or the ADM record in which the patterns are located to read "zen" instead of "eng" for serials where you want the description to read Winter for the first issue of the year (if published between Jan and March).

    The 008 in the BIB record is not being touched, so the BIB should still be accurate.

    Regarding the database of publication patterns, these are in fact exports of the 85x fields from other ALEPH sites, and can be imported into your catalogue.

    Exports are available for Napier, Newcastle, UEA, Nottingham, York, Goldsmiths, Canterbury, and Royal Holloway if you do decide to import them.

    Additional Information

    pattern database, 853_chrono, allowed_languages, seasons codes

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013