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    Random number added/assigned to the z68_order_number_2 field

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    When we manually create an order, a random order number is added/assigned to the Order Number 2 field. The order number that is assigned has nothing to do with the order number assigned to the new record.

    On our production machine we have several examples, see orders 09-000002053, 09-000002020, 09-000001601.

    The unique_order_number_2 field in our aleph_start file IS set to Y. Based on this setting, what number is supposed to be copied into the order number 2 field?

    When you have unique_order_number_2 set to "Y", the system will require that the z68_order_number_2 have a unique value. You can input a unique value in the Additional Order Number 2 field when you are creating the order, but, if you don't, the system will copy the z68_order_number to the z68_order_number_2 when you save the record.

    Changing the setting to "unique_order_number_2 N" will prevent this copying of the z68_order_number to the z68_order_number_2.

    It doesn't make sense that the system would be placing some number other than the z68_order_number in the z68_order_number_2 field, but, anyway -- since there is really no need or advantage to having the z68_order_number in the z68_order_number_2 field -- we suggest that you change it to "unique_order_number_2 N".

    If you have unique_order_number_2 = N and want to change existing z68_order_number_2 fields to blank (either online or with SQL), you can do so.

    Note: p_file_96 lets you specify a Z68-ORDER-NUMBER-2 value in the tab_96_def table -- if you want the order records loaded by p_file_96 to have a particular value. This requires that "setenv unique_order_number_2" be set to "N".

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013