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    Renewal doesn't reset the z36_letter_number to zero

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Here is an example what is happening with overdue notices: A user receives a 2nd notice for an overdue item. He/she renews this item. The item becomes overdue again. The overdue notice that is generated is a 3rd notice.

    How do we configure the system so that the earlier overdues are forgotten and the notice generated for a renewed item is back to a 1st notice?

    The regular renewal (via the Web or using the "Renew" button in the GUI) *does* zero out the z36_letter_number and the z36_letter_date. But the GUI "Change date" functions may not....

    There are two forms of the Change Date in the GUI Circ which can be used after the initial loan:

    (1) the "Change Date" button on the patron "List of Loans"; and

    (2) the "ALEPH" -- "Dates" --"Change dates of current loans".

    Note: You can see the z36_letter_number and the z36_letter_date by doing util f/4 in your ADM library for the z36 file, selecting "1" as the key, and then entering the item's 9-digit ADM doc number.*

    You can tell for a particular loan if the due-date of the loan has been changed by the Renew function by checking the z35 ("Circ event") table, using util f/4 with the item's 9-digit ADM doc number, for a z35_event_type 62, 63, or 64:

    62: Web renewal
    63: PC renewal
    64: automatic renewal performed by b_cir_08 or b_cir_10

    If none of these exist for this patron/item, the due-date has not been changed by renewal.

    * If this is information you would like to have easily available on a regular basis, you can add it to the user-loan expanded information screen

    (CIRC > left pane Patron tab > [L] Loans > lower right pane Loan Details tab). Both fields are available.

    <z36-letter-date />

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    • Article last edited: 6/26/2014