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    Report did not run on schedule, error "C-SEC-3401 The current user session..."

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I have two virtually identical reports in Customised reports/customised circ reports/circ stats - Sat/Sun Loans and Sat/Sun Returns. Both have identical schedules and should run half an hour apart every Monday, with the results being e-mailed to me and another member of staff.

    On Monday, the first day for scheduled reports since the upgrade, Loans ran and e-mailed successfully but Returns failed, with the error message "C-SEC-3401 The current user session information is invalid, or it is missing in Content Manager." Can you see why one should have worked and not the other?

    I just did a "run once" on the Returns one from the Schedule Management/Schedule tab, and it ran perfectly well - but it did not send out the e-mails.

    This info is from Cognos Knowledge base:

    "Log on to Cognos Connection (with your user).
    Click Tools > My Preferences.
    Click the Personal Tab.
    Click renew my credentials, near the bottom of the page.

    Previously scheduled reports should now run as before. If, however, the content store is still not able to synchronize the account credentials, reschedule the report for a different time (e.g. one minute ahead). This will queue the report with the proper credentials.

    Note: You must repeat these steps whenever an account change occurs within your authentication provider."

    To get the report to e-mail, you also need to change the e-mail options.

    Additional Information

    ARC2 run schedule email C-SEC-3401 The current user session information is inval

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013