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    Reprinting Hold Available Letter Not Working

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    When an item with a hold request is returned, a hold available letter is produced.
    If the patron does not have an email address, the letter is printed.
    In v16, if we needed to reprint the hold available letter, we could go to the hold request, change the Hold Request Status from "S" to "A" and the Letter Status from "P" to blank, update the Hold Request Information, press the Letter button and we would get a new printout.
    In v18, the v16 solution does not work. When you press the Letter button, the Hold Request Status chages to "S" and the Letter Status changes to "P" but no printout is produced.
    The Circ client has the printing set to "Normal Printing" and the alephcom.ini has the NewPrintType=N in both v16 and v18 clients.

    The v16 method used for reprinting was a bug. This has been corrected in v18.

    There are 2 recommended ways to reprint a form:

    [1] Via the ALEPH menu > Print History.
    The Print History window will open. In the left pane is a list of directories whose names are dates (e.g., 20070821 = 21 August 2007). The most recent date in the list will be expanded and show available sub-directories. For example, the following listing:
    + 20070821
    -- 11
    -- 10
    shows 2 sub-directories, "10" and "11". "11" contains the forms that were printed during the hour that starts with "11", that is, from 11.00 am through 11.59 am.
    Click on the 11 sub-directory and you can see forms listed in the upper right pane. The most recently printed form will be at the top of the list.

    [2] Via the Task Manager > File List (all your C:\AL500\CIRC\files\xxx50\print directory contents are shown there)
    By default, the CIRC\tab\print.ini file has the following line for this Hold Letter:
    HoldLetter01 00 Y M holdltr.prn
    Therefore, the holdltr.prn file in the print directory always contains the most recent Hold Letter printed (each new letter overwrites the old one). You can click on that file's line and print it via the Print button.

    NOTE!: If the original was sent via email, be sure to set your Printing to "Preview" before printing, otherwise, the form will be emailed again.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013