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    Request is beyond last heading in ACCess file." *MASTER RECORD*

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    You get the message "Request is beyond last heading in ACCess file" in doing a Browse/Scan

    This message can be caused by the fact that the search is actually after the last Z01 record for this index type. (Example: If it's an SUB browse, and the last Z01 SUB is "zygote" and you search on "zzzorro".) But more commonly it indicates either that the Z01 xxx index doesn't exist at all or that there has been some problem in accessing it.

    Do UTIL-F-4 in the xxx01 library and specify "z01" as the file name, then "k", then "1". Then enter "xxx" for the "start point" where "xxx" is the index code (such as "SUB", "AUT", "TTL", etc.) You should see SUB, AUT, etc., headings. If you don't, that indicates a problem.

    This message can occur even if there are good z01 records. For instance, we have found that the absence of an xxx01/tab/tab00.eng table will give you this message. (Of course, in this case the "Find"/Word search won't be working either.) Such problems will be noted as error messages in the pc_server log (in the $LOGDIR directory).

    In another case the log had many repetitions of these messages:
    Error:missing program line_utf2line_sb
    Error:missing program line_utf2line_utf

    This was due to the fact that these (and other c programs) had not been compiled and were not present in the ./aleph/exe.

    If you see headings in the UTIL-F-4 for the Z01 (as described above) and there are no error messages in the log, then check the z01_filing_text: Does it begin with a blank? That could cause this problem.

    In another case we found that this message occurred when there was no z01_id2 -- run UTIL-A-17-14 to check.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013