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    Resource requirements for Z00R

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    I am looking for more information on CREATE-Z00R = Y. Currently we are set for N but one of our ADM's is requesting we change it to Y. Specific information I am looking for is:

    #1 What benefits would there be to switching to Y for a 50+ multi-ADM50 with single BIB configuration?
    #2 What drawbacks are there to Y?
    #3 What impact on system resources/load/response time could we expect to experience?
    #4 We already have occasional issues with ue_01 being backlogged that seems to affect our OCLC server record loading and matching (Randy is looking into this for us), would this impact us more? Note: I saw KB8192-2329 mention it would affect ue_01 but do you have an idea how much it would impact?

    1. You would have the Z00R available for SQL queries against the bib record fixed fields and other fields which are not included in any index. (Note: ALEPH programs themselves do not use the Z00R.)

    2. The drawbacks are the space required for the z00r (it takes roughly twice the amount of space that the z00 does) and the time required to update it. (The z00r table space is the same as the z00 but the Oracle indexes for the z00r are *much* bigger.)

    3. The writing of a z00r record takes roughly the same time as the writing of the z00. This time is relatively small compared to the Word indexing, for instance. I believe that the addition of the z00r would result in less than a 1% increase in total system resource requirements.

    4. The impact of the z00r on ue_01 would be minimal. I'd estimate a 2-3% increase in the time for ue_01 to process a record.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013