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    p-ret-01 produces an empty output file

    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20 and up
    • Relevant for Installation Type: all


    • The run of p-ret-01  for all system numbers in XXX60 database produces an empty output file.

    • This is an example of the log file if p-re-01

    • 1002 READING DOC 000001001 AT 08:40:31

      2003 READING DOC 000002002 AT 08:40:32

      289290 READING DOC 000289289 AT 08:43:34

      289368 END READING AT 08:43:34

      NO OF DOCUMENTS = 000000000

      number of documents =


    • During the retrieving process, Aleph performs a check on the OWN field on every records.

    • The record's OWN field is checked against the logged-in user's OWN permission (Z66-USER-OWN-CHECK). 

    • If there is no match, the record will not be handled by the batch job.


    • Resolution

      The GUI user who started the job should get OWN-Permission = GLOBAL in Staff privileges.

    • That enables him to export all holdings records regardless of the OWN field



    • Article last edited: 06-05-2016
    • Internal Notes 

      Originated from Case Number: 65383