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    Revisit ue_08 and Authority loads

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We are receiving records from Marcive to update our Authorities library. In the test batch of records, we sent them a list of bib records and received back from them 76 bib replacements and many authority records, some replacements, others new. I've determined how to load each set using p_manage_36 and p_manage_18.

    I'm still a bit confused about the relationship between these loaded records and how they are flagged by ue_08 for further indexing. What does ue_08 look for when it adds records to ABC01 for reindexing.

    Also, KB 8192-100599 mentions getting rid of z07 records with a given sequence. Would it not be just as easy to remove all z07's if they are all added by ue_08? Or is the concern that some may be valid, recent ones might be included in the mix?

    ue_08 processes the Z01 records which have a z01_rec_key_4 of "-NEW-...". z01_rec_key_4 is set to "-NEW-..." by one of three processes:

    (1) loading of a bib record which contains a heading for which there is no existing Z01;

    (2) update by ue_11, which changes the z01_rec_key_4 of an existing z01 to "-NEW-..." -- in order to cause it to be reprocessed by ue_08. (The latter -- update by ue_11 -- would be the result of new/updated authority records.)

    (3) ue_08 itself, when it is started with the CHECK-OPTION "N" or "R" rather than the normal "C".

    There could always be some valid, recent z07's. As described in KB 8192-100599, these can be identified by their back-dating to a z01_sequence "199n...". You should limit the delete to the "2007..." z01_sequence's, created by ue_08.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013