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    Running Upgrade Express for Production upgrade (v17 - 20)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We are planning our upgrade from v.17 to v.20 and have three further questions:

    1- We have ver 20.1.0 on our target server that we have tested. We want to upgrade to the newest version of ALEPH. Should we download a different upgrade express package? Do we simply apply the latest service pack once we've upgraded? Please advise.

    2- We tried importing our Oracle data from v.17 to v.20 and it got stuck in the middle, as in v.20 we created an abc04 library that we didn't have in v.17. The system stops and doesn't import our abc10, abc50 and abc60 libraries. What shall we do to let the system know that there is no abc04 to import from; it's a new library?

    3. We are moving reallocating our test server to become our production server. We have set up the u-tree for the server. Now we need just to upgrade the Oracle data. When we tested, we ran through the entire upgrade express packages for 17-18,18-19,19-20. Do we do exactly the same procedures when we are just upgrading the Oracle data?

    1. Upgrade Express (UE) transfers/converts your Aleph and Oracle tables; it doesn't do anything with the programs. The programs are supplied by the AIK (Aleph Installation Kit.) I think you should go with the AIK/programs you currently have and apply the latest service pack once you've upgraded.

    2. In the UE "Define Upgrade Parameters" -- "Update Upgrade Libraries Definition" you specify what libraries you are upgrading. You should omit abc04.

    3. In the UE "Export customer data" option on the Source screen (on v17) you should select "1. Export Oracle data". That way, only the Oracle data will be extracted and the Aleph v20 u-tree data can stay as it is. In running the "Upgrade Express" step on the Target, you should choose "3. Run all steps > 999 (Oracle data related)".

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013