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    Search in GUI doesn't get expected results

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    After upgrading from v18 to v20, I re-ran all the indexes, and there weren't any errors that I can tell. But when I search in the GUI, I don't get the results that I expect. For instance, if I do a keyword search for 'best' in v18 I get over 90,000 results. In v20 I get only 12,000.

    If I browse I get results, but not if I search.

    And even when I browse the results don't display how I expect them to. I think all my results are coming from ABC10, not ABC01.

    I find that the word "best" occurs in the 533 field in these records. In v18 you were indexing the 533, but in v20 you are not....

    In the v18 tab11_word you have these lines:

    530## abc 03 WRD WAA
    533## abcdn 03 WRD WNO WRE
    534## -exz6 03 WRD WNO

    while in the v20 tab11_word you have only this line:

    530## 01 WRD WTI WNA

    If the v18 tab11_word has the values you want to use in the Word indexing, then, yes, you should copy that over from v18.

    (Note: in doing so, I strongly suggest that you do "cp -p ..." so that the timestamp is preserved. After doing this, you will need to do util x/7 to refresh the utf files before running p_manage_01.)

    In regard to the sublibrary, I see this line in the v18 tab11_word:

    SBL## a 01 WSL

    but not in v20.

    And looking more closely, I see that the v20 tab11_word is cut off after this line:

    585## 01 WRD WSD WGE

    There are about 70 lines (including the SBL line) after this in v18.

    And I find that the tab11_ind (used in building the Direct index) is also missing many lines.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013