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    Search in particular base is very slow; titles with hundreds of items)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    There are two logical bases similarly built. One (ABCUC) takes a very long time to display results. The other (ABCUCANALITICAS) displays results very quickly. How can we get both of them to display results very quickly? Why is ABCUC slow? This behavior is noted only in the web. Same searches in GUI are OK.

    Sample search result entry in ABCUC:

    Zuccarelli Soares, Carolina. A cidade contra a escola? : segrega??o urbana e desigualdades educacionais em grandes cidades da Am?rica Latina : Luiz C?sar De Queiroz Ribeiro, Ruben Kaztman / / Carolina Zuccarelli.
    Biblioteca San Joaqu?n( 74/ 0)
    Biblioteca Lo Contador( 310/ 1)
    Biblioteca de Humanidades( 28/ 0)

    We have removed (temporarily) the ITM+ link from www_tab_short.eng table. Now if we try to perform a search in the base ABCUC interface, the display of the results is very fast. For example:

    Open the base with the English interface:

    Search for the word ‘neruda’

    You get 599, after you click on the results, the results display within 3 seconds.
    (as opposed to before removing the ITM+ link that it took 15 seconds to display the results)

    The ITM+ is counting the total items for the location and also checking to see how many items are on loan.
    We hypothesize that it’s the reading of those thousands of z30’s and z36’s which is taking the time.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013