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    Segmentation fault using make_param_file utility for custom sql service

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    We are upgrading our custom sql reports tied to services so they work in v.19 (there are 6-7 which were labeled p_custom_01, etc. in v17, and are now labeled p_priv_01, etc. for v19). The service will be housed in each ADM's pc_b_eng. When we try to use the "make_param_files" to create the parameter files and cobruns for the renamed service scripts, we get this segmentation fault:

    >make_param_files P_PRIV_01
    make P_PRIV_01 param files
    Segmentation Fault
    make_param_files: Creation failed, exiting !!!

    Checked other SI's in knowledge base about segmentation errors, in particular (-3992) about prof_library settings for set_env... Our prof_library files seem to be set correctly. What else should we try in troubleshooting to make this utility run correctly?

    [ "echo"s added to the ./alephm/proc/make_param_files showed that the problem was in the $aleph_exe/make_param_files_main.]

    I find that I do *not* get this error when I do:

    >make_param_files P_CUST_06 or P_COM_02

    P_COM_02 is very similar to your P_PRIV_01.

    I saved ./copy/P_PRIV_01.source as P_PRIV_01.source.jssave and edited P_PRIV_01.source to look like P_COM_02.source.

    The make_param_files P_PRIV_01 now works.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013