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    Self-check does LOAN and LOAN-GBL checks in addition to SIP-LOAN

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We have just introduced self-check machines.

    Our GUI tab_check_circ is set up to block patrons with local blocks:

    LOAN check_circ_1_b


    blocked due to fines:

    LOAN check_circ_9_a

    but we would like this only to apply to loans in the staff client (GUI), and not to self-check loans. Is there a way to achieve this? The reason is that we use the local blocks for informational messages for staff, such as "Two short loan periods allowed." and staff are always allowed to override these blocks. We do not want these blocks to prevent the patron from using the self-issue machine, but we want the messages still to pop up for staff when issuing books at the issue desk.

    Note: We fird that excluding the check from the LOAN section and including it only in the LOAN-GBL section does not work either.

    If an item is being loaned via the sc_server, it is first checked against the SIP-LOAN section, then the LOAN-GBL section, and finally the LOAN section (as part of the sc_global_loan_item program, called from sip2_server_message_09).

    If it's a renewal, then it does, in order: SIP-LOAN, LOAN-GBL, and RENEW.

    We have recommended that sc_global_loan_item be changed to execute the SIP-LOAN and SIP-LOAN-G (a new section, modeled after LOAN-GBL) and that LOAN and LOAN-GBL *not* be executed in the sip2 processing. This has been added to "version 22 possibilities" -- but, unfortunately, will *not* be part of either v20 or v21.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013