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    Setup the NCR Character Conversions

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Setup the NCR character conversions

    To perform the NCR conversion, add a "Y" in column 6 of the relevant line with conversion line_utf2line_utf.
    See also the header of tab_character_conversion line (run synchronize headers via util h/3):

    ! COL 6. 1; ALPHA_NUM {Y,N, }; ;
    ! Backslash/NCR;
    ! Backslash/NCR notation
    ! This column is relevant only for procedures
    ! 1) line_utf2line_sb
    ! 2) line_sb2line_utf
    ! 3) line_mab2line_utf
    ! 4) line_utf2line_marc8
    ! 5) line_utf2line_utf
    ! For the first three procedures line_utf2line_sb,
    ! line_sb2line_utf and line_mab2line_utf - it
    ! indicates that a utf-8 character which cannot be
    ! displayed in the current encoding, and for which
    ! no fallback has been defined in a character
    ! conversion table, is displayed in the "backslash-hexa"
    ! format (e.g. \05E9).
    ! Note that translation tables can use "01" in order
    ! to compress the character.
    ! For the fourth procedure, line_utf2line_marc8 - it
    ! indicates that a utf-8 character which cannot be
    ! displayed in marc8, is displayed in the "hexadecimal
    ! Numeric Character Reference" (NCR) (e.g. ש);
    ! For the fifth procedure, line_utf2line_utf - it
    ! indicates that a NCR-coding has to be translated into
    ! UTF8-coding. It's done before translation via the
    ! regular utf-to-utf translation tables.

    In column 5 you have the conversion routine for which you want the NCR conversion to be valid, e.g.

    The conversion can be assigned for any character conversion which has in column 4 "line_utf2line_utf".

    Category: Cataloging

    Subject: Create / Edit records

    • Article last edited: 3/11/2014