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    Should ext01 and ext02 be in a-tree or u-tree?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Should the ext01 and ext02 libraries be in the a-tree or the u-tree?

    The as-delivered Aleph 22 aleph_start has the extnn libraries in the a-tree:

    setenv ext01_dev ${ALEPH_MOUNT}/a${ALEPH_VERSION}_$ALEPH_COPY
    setenv ext02_dev ${ALEPH_MOUNT}/a${ALEPH_VERSION}_$ALEPH_COPY

    If these lines have not been changed to "${ALEPH_MOUNT}/u..." or if such lines have not been added to ./aleph_start.private, then the a-tree version is active.

    The following commands can be used to confirm this:

    > dlib ext01
    > dt

    (This will show the full path: either "a22..." or "u22...".)

    If no local changes are needed, then it is best to leave the extnn files in the a-tree. But placing the files in the u-tree and updating aleph_start.private with these lines is OK:

    setenv ext01_dev ${ALEPH_MOUNT}/u${ALEPH_VERSION}_$ALEPH_COPY
    setenv ext02_dev ${ALEPH_MOUNT}/u${ALEPH_VERSION}_$ALEPH_COPY

    Additional Information

    As described in Article 000043288, the extnn libraries have no Oracle data ( Should EXT01 have tables defined? ).

    As described in Article 000038219, they are primarily used with z39.50. ( How do I customize Z39.50 search results screens? ).

    Category: System management

    • Article last edited: 7/31/2014