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    Sort Options for bor-list Form

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21


    Where is the sorting for bor-list-00 (Patron Circulation Summary) form letter controlled?


    1. For loans, the sort order in bor-list can be found in the following line in ./xxx50/data/tab_z36_sort.
    DEFAULT A 00

    2. For holds, the sort order listed in bor-list is hard-coded. It is sorted by priority, request date, open date, and open hour.
    Additional sorts for holds can be added with the following line to bor-list-xsl, which is located in the ./xxx50/form_lng (or xxx01/form_lng) directory or whatever location is the default. (This form_lng location can be checked in the ./xxx50/tab/path_convert.)
    It will sort according to the fields specified:
    <xsl:sort select="z36-due-date" order="ascending"/>

    Add it in the section below in the place shown:
    <!--section-02 (GRID)-->
    <xsl:for-each select="//section-02">
    <xsl:sort select="z36-due-date" order="ascending"/>
    <xsl:if test="position() = 1">
    <xsl:call-template name="section-02">
    <xsl:with-param name="header" select="'header'"/>
    <xsl:call-template name="section-02"/>

    Category: Circulation (500)

    Subject: Printing

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013