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    Specific item" (tab15 col 11) setting of Y not being respected

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    Most of our sub-libraries have tab 15 col 11 set to N - not specific items, treat as group. So the hold can be satisfied by any in the group, and the book is sent in transit to the library indicated on the hold request form (in our case either the home library or the second campus).

    Our newest library however is off campus and has no truck delivery to or from the other libraries. So I set their tab15 col 11 to Y - consider this a unique item.

    This doesn't seen to be examined by the system in this scenario:

    One copy in MAIN (11=N), one copy in PRENT (11=Y) - both are out.

    A hold request is placed against the MAIN copy. The chosen pickup is MAIN.

    The PRENT copy is returned first.

    This copy is being used to satisfy the hold! The book is put in transit to MAIN...
    The PRENT should not have been put into the "pool" of eligible items, right?

    How does the discharge know that this item isn't to be considered a like-item?

    Are we missing this check somewhere?

    See Additional Information below for description of general situation.

    In this case, the hold is on the MAIN copy and you *want* it to include other like copies. It might seem that the setting of tab15 col. 11 to "Y" for the PRENT tab15 status 01 entry would prevent it from being included as an expanded item for holds from other sublibraries, but, in fact, its only effect is to make it so that a hold on a particular PRENT item can be fulfilled only by that specific item.

    Create a new item status ("21") as the "Regular loan" status for PRENT items. Since the xxx50 tab100 has HOLD-REQUEST-ITM-STATUS=Y, the Z37-FILTER-ITEM-STATUS of the hold on the MAIN copy is set to "01" and the PRENT item (with item status "21") is not allowed to fulfill the request.

    Additional Information

    When an item is returned, the pc_cir program calls the check_item_requests routine to see if the item is on hold.

    check_item_requests checks to see if there's a hold on this specific copy. If not, it checks if there are "like copies" which have holds and if those z37's have "z37_expand Y". If so, it checks to see if the hold request is limited to a particular:

    sublibrary (Z37-FILTER-SUB-LIBRARY),
    collection (Z37-FILTER-COLLECTION),
    item status (Z37-FILTER-ITEM-STATUS), or
    item process status (Z37-FILTER-PROCESS-STATUS)

    -- and if the item being returned passes these filters.

    Category: Circulation (500)

    Subject: Hold requests (500)

    • Article last edited: 12/31/2013