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    Staff Course Reserves module will not stay up

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Since last night our Course Reserves module is consistently unavailable. I have re-started the web server countless times today to try and keep it up, but to no avail.

    The OPAC is not affected, but users consistently cannot log in to the course reserves module. Either nothing happens at all when you try to get in, or you get the error:

    'Not Found The requested URL /&server_staff/file/s-main-1 was not found on this server'

    or the error:

    'The requested file was not found on the server....'

    I have checked the www_server.log. I see the following error in the log but don't know what it means or if it's even related to the course reserves going down:

    Enviroment Table needs more than 1000 lines
    Enviroment Table needs more than 1000 lines
    Enviroment Table needs more than 1000 lines
    Enviroment Table needs more than 1000 lines
    Enviroment Table needs more than 1000 lines
    Enviroment Table needs more than 1000 lines

    Display's which I put in the ./www_com/www_correct_line program show that ">" values are being treated as getenv variables by the program and are filling up the Environment table:

    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000498
    ENV-NAME= gt;(OCoLC)ocm34199460
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000500
    ENV-NAME= gt;AEX0067
    2007-09-18 16:24:04 62 [000] [vrb] server_main: OUT 0.0564 80056
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000502
    ENV-NAME= gt;(OCoLC)ocm33953637
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000504
    ENV-NAME= gt;AFF2889
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000506
    ENV-NAME= gt;(OCoLC)ocm31976645
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000508
    ENV-NAME= gt;AES6696
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000510
    ENV-NAME= gt;(OCoLC)ocm29562358
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000512
    ENV-NAME= gt;26863858
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000514
    ENV-NAME= gt;AFF2891
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000516
    ENV-NAME= gt;(OCoLC)ocm30633663
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000518
    ENV-NAME= gt;AFF2890
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000520
    ENV-NAME= gt;(MetaLib)BCL02272
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000522
    ENV-NAME= gt;AFL5176
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000524
    ENV-NAME= gt;(OCoLC)ocm42853151
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000526
    ENV-NAME= gt;(OCoLC)ocm20490298
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000528
    ENV-NAME= gt;AEF0175
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000530
    ENV-NAME= gt;Social
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000532
    ENV-NAME= gt;O
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000534
    ENV-NAME= gt;(OCoLC)ocm01967757
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000536
    ENV-NAME= gt;AEM3188
    TAB-ENV-NO-LINES= 000000538
    ENV-NAME= gt;0361-025X

    This problem started occurring yesterday afternoon, around 4:30. I think it may be related to one or both of these ./www_f_eng/ files which were last changed yesterday afternoon at 4:45:

    -rwxrwxr-x 1 aleph aleph 16089 Sep 17 16:46 short-a-body-bcser*
    -rwxrwxr-x 1 aleph aleph 16171 Sep 17 16:47 short-a-body-bcl01*

    I suggest that you back out these changes and restart the www_server.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013