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    Staff web Course display does not show documents linked to certain courses

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    In the staff menu all documents linked to a course should display when you select the course and click on "Docs", even though the course is not active. Since loading v. 18 we have many docs are visible in the GUI in the xxx30, but they do not show up in the staff web menu.

    The Staff Course display includes all documents which are in the base you are using for Course Reserve. The problem is that the LAW30 base (in $alephe_tab/tab_base.eng) had this qualifier: wpe=Summer or wpe=Fall or wpe=Yearly .

    Since this course was for Winter only, it was excluded from this LAW30 base. But in the OPAC, you *do* want to exclude these non-active courses.

    The solution is to eliminate the qualifiers from the LAW30 and to define a separate base with the qualifiers for the public catalog, like this:

    LAW30 Course Reserve All LAW30 LAW01 LAW30 N
    LAW30PUB Course Reserve LAW30 LAW01 LAW30 N wpe=Summer or wpe=Fall or wpe=Yearly

    The ./www_f_eng/ find-include-buttons-law01 then needed to be changed from:

    <a href="&server_f?func=find-b-0&local_base=law30"


    <a href="&server_f?func=find-b-0&local_base=law30pub"

    Other ./www_f_eng (OPAC) screens which referred to law30 needed to have the same change.

    See also KB 5331.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013