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    Structure of Z31-KEY field [*byte by byte*]

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    It seems that the Z31-KEY field might have information useful in diagnosing cash problems. What is its structure?

    Certain information about the transaction is saved in the Z31-KEY field at the time the Z31 cash record is created. The Z31-KEY-TYPE is "Z36" (Z31-KEY-TYPE-Z36). The first 50 bytes of the Z31-KEY always have the same structure, but bytes 51-86 (KEY-CASH) differ depending on the z31 type.

    If Z31-KEY-TYPE = "Z30", the field contains the item key. For types 24-28 (hold requests) it contains the Z37-REC-KEY.

    If Z31-KEY-TYPE = "Z36": Bytes Containing:
    1 -15 Z36-REC-KEY
    16-20 Blank; not used
    21-29 Z36-NUMBER (unique identifier assigned from the Z52 last-loan-number)
    30-50 Blank; not used

    For Z31-TYPE's 3, 14, 50, or 51 (overdue fines):
    51-58 Z36-LOAN-DATE
    59-66 Z36-DUE-DATE
    67-74 Z36-RETURNED-DATE
    75-78 Z36-LOAN-HOUR
    79-82 Z36-DUE-HOUR
    83-86 Z36-RETURNED-HOUR

    For Z31-TYPE's 40, 41, and 42 (Lost):
    51-58 Z36-LOAN-DATE
    59-62 Z36-LOAN-TIME
    63-70 Z36-DUE-DATE
    71-74 Z36-DUE-TIME
    Note: If a Z31 Lost cash record does not have a loan date/time and due-date/time which matches the Z36 loan record, then automatic credits will not occur when Lost items are returned.

    byte structure faq

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