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    Support of 3M 999 device

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21


    Is it possible to create a connection between Aleph and a 3M 966 device (used for theft-detection)?


    In GUI file circ.ini there is section [MagneticMedia966] that is specifically designed to support 3M 966 magnetization/demagnetization device.
    Please see "System Librarian’s Guide - Circulation", "27. Client Setup (circ.ini)" for more information on configuration.

    Additional Information

    It is working as follow:
    As soon in circ.ini you change Port=0 to the port address on the PC where the device is connected (e.g. Port=1) after restart of GUI CIRC,

    Aleph will sent the configured "Demagnetize Sequence" (e.g. RRR when configured DemagnetizeSequence=RRR) to the device each time an item is loaned.

    Aleph will sent the configured "Magnetize Sequence" (e.g. DDD when configured DemagnetizeSequence=DDD ) to the device each time an item is returned.

    The above is valid only for items that are *not* magnetic according to tab25.

    If a magnetic media (according to tab25) is handled in CIRC, Aleph will sent the "Magnetic Media Sequence" to the defined port (e.g. SSS when configured MagneticMediaSequence=SSS) in order to avoid damage of the magnetic media.

    • Article last edited: 6/6/2014
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