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    Template xxxx-yyyyy-00.xsl can't be found for editing

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    There is no xxxx-yyyyy-00.xsl form in the ./form_lng directory but a letter is printing which shows the text:


    Though xxxx-yyyyy-00.xsl was no longer in the ./form_lng directory on the server, it was still in the .AlephcomfilesXXX50PrintTemplateslng directory on the pc.

    Copy the .PrintTemplateslngxxxx-yyyyy-00.xsl file on the pc to the server ./form_lng directory, where it can be edited.

    Additional Information


    1. Confirm that the ./xxx50/tab/path_convert file on the server has the line

    $xxx50_dev/ttu50/form_eng $xxx01_dev/ttu01/form_eng

    If not, than rather than checking the ./xxx01/form_eng, the ./xxx50/form_eng needs to be checked.

    2. Confirm that there is no ./form_lng/xxxx-yyyyy-00.xsl file on the server.

    3. Confirm that there is no xxxx-yyyyy-00 file in the ./form_lng/html.pck file on the server. (It could have been deleted but without the html.pck being recreated after the deletion.)

    4. Check if the file exists in the .AlephcomfilesXXX50PrintTemplateseng directory on the pc. It seems that when the html.pck files are loaded into the .PrintTemplateseng directory on the pc, though new files are added and updated ones are overlaid, ones deleted from form_lng are not deleted from the .PrintTemplateseng.

    Though not relevant to this instance, Article 000045253 (Call-slip & hold-request-slip forms; creating customized hold-slip-request form)  notes: "If Aleph can't find the customized report, say, hold-request-slip-00.xsl, because it was deleted or renamed, Aleph will revert to the base report, hold-request-slip.xsl. "

    Category: Printing

    • Article last edited: 3/26/2014