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    Turn Off History Accumulating in loan.log and return.log

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    One of our institutions does not want to keep any Circulation History due to privacy concerns. This includes the station history that is found in in the Loan and Return tabs under the 'History' section in Circulation.
    Is there a way to turn off the logging function so that a history does not accumulate in return.log and loan.log?

    You can’t COMPLETELY turn off the history accumulation in C:\AL500\CIRC\files\XXX50\loan.log and C:\AL500\CIRC\files\XXX50\return.log.
    You can, however, approximate that.

    [1] Commenting out or removing the following lines will prevent ANY history from being displayed in the GUI.

    !CIR_LOAN_LOG_LIST #L Patron ID 01 025 01 C01 User ID
    !CIR_LOAN_LOG_LIST #L Patron Name 02 050 02 C02 User name
    !CIR_LOAN_LOG_LIST #L Item Barcode 03 025 03 C03 Item barcode
    !CIR_RETURN_LOG_LIST #L Patron ID 01 010 01 C01 User ID
    !CIR_RETURN_LOG_LIST #L Patron Name 02 020 02 C02 User name
    !CIR_RETURN_LOG_LIST #L Item Barcode 03 010 03 C03 Item barcode
    !CIR_RETURN_LOG_LIST #L Return Date 04 015 03 C03 Return date
    !CIR_RETURN_LOG_LIST #L Return Hour 05 015 03 C03 Return hour
    !CIR_RETURN_LOG_LIST #L Due Date 06 015 03 C03 Due date
    !CIR_RETURN_LOG_LIST #L Due Hour 07 015 03 C03 Due hour
    !CIR_OFFLINE_LOG_LIST#L Item 01 020 01 C01 Item
    !CIR_OFFLINE_LOG_LIST#L Patron 02 020 02 C02 Patron
    !CIR_OFFLINE_LOG_LIST#L Message 03 060 03 C03 Message


    [2] Setting the following values in C:\AL500\CIRC\TAB\circ.ini
    will set the number of log lines to be saved at 1. That is the lowest that this can be set. A 0 (zero) setting, a setting of 5000 or more, or removing these lines entirely will cause the logs to grow to their default size of 400 lines.

    So, the best-case-scenario is that one line of loan and return log is the most that will be saved on any given computer at any time and those single lines will NOT be displayed in the Circ GUI.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013