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    UE 19-20 errors: "The index Z30H_ID1 couldn't be created in abc50"; Z305_ID1

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21

    In Upgrade Express 19 -> 20, the ./upgrade_express_1901_2001/logs/log/1003.log has:

    A_ERROR: The index Z30H_ID1 couldn't be created in abc50.
    Step end 1003

    and the ./upgrade_express_1901_2001/logs/log/1005.log has:

    A_ERROR: The index Z305_ID1 couldn't be created in abc50.
    abc50 is an ADM library. Already upgraded. Skipping.
    Step end 1005

    There is no reference to Z30H-UPD-TIME-STAMP or Z30H_ID1 in the upgrade_express_1901_2001 files.

    The ./upgrade_express_1901_2001/source/1003/implement has:

    # Adding Z30H-PROCESS-STATUS-DATE to the item's history record (Z30H).
    upgrade_oracle_table adm z30h

    We see the following in the ./upgrade_express_2001_2101/source/1030/implement:

    # Adding Z30H-UPD-TIME-STAMP and Z30H-IP-LAST-RETURN-V6.
    echo ""
    echo "========== Updating z30h in ADM libraries =========="
    upgrade_oracle_table_alter adm z30h

    # Adding new index in file_list
    echo ""
    echo "========== Adding z30h_id1 to file_list of ADM libraries =========
    =" upgrade_file_list add adm z30h_id1 ind z30h_id

    # Apply index on new field
    echo ""
    echo "========== Building z30h_id1 index in ADM libraries =========="
    upgrade_oracle_index_new adm z30h_id1 z30h z30h_create_index_1.sql

    The situation with the z305_ID1 is similar.

    It's a puzzle why these 19-20 procs are executing these 20-21 steps, but, since the z30h and z305 columns should be added and the new Oracle indexes built by the 20-21 kit, I think you should proceed with the 20-21 Upgrade Express and see what happens there.

    [From site:] I ran the UE 20-21 successfully.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013