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    UTIL-F-1-13 (Immediate Update of a Single Document) takes 40 seconds per doc

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    On our Production system, running UTIL F/1/13 (Immediate Update of a Single Document) in ABC01 takes 40 seconds per document on average. On our Test server it takes about 4 seconds on average.

    There are no errors thrown during the update.

    A diagnostic version of ./com/update_docx_2 shows that the time for UTIL-F-1-13 (*and* for ue_01) is being taken in the "call update_docx_z0102" step. The z0102 is the physical file which can be used for the logical bases.

    I find that the UTIL-H-1-10 "Z0102 Setup" utility has the same problem. It takes 45 seconds on Prod; only 5 on Test.

    I tried to find if a specific base was causing the slowness, and experimented with the order of the bases. Assuming that util h/1/10 is being submitted from abc01, the following series of commands will show you what base util h/1/10 is taking its time on -- by tail-ing the uh_01_10.dat work file:

    > dlib abc01
    > ds
    > tail -f uh_01_10.dat

    I find that regardless of what the order of the bases is, it always stalls on the *5th* local base.

    I suggest copying tab_base.eng from Test and seeing if UTIL-H-1-10 (and UTIL-F-1-13) has the same problem.

    From site: Replacing tab_base.eng on our production server with tab_base.eng from our test server fixed the problem. We're still a little puzzled as to why one works while the other does not, but the problem is gone.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013