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    Unknown" Caption in ARC Report Output

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Unknown-" captions appear in some reports. According to the ARC User Guide, this is caused by the lack of definition of a characteristic as a dimension. For example, in the report named "Number of Bibliographic Records by Format", we have 640 records with UnKnown format.
    Do we need to define this as "Other" in "pc_tab_exp_field.eng" to fix the problem, or do we also need to revisit other tables at the same time e.g., tab25.eng and etc.? In other words, what are the configuration files where we can make changes to get rid of this "Unknown-" caption?

    Using the XXXX entries as an example, if you see in ARC:
    01 Regular Loan
    03 No Loan
    04 In Library Use
    32 3-hour Loan
    07 UnKnown-XXXX,07
    - UnKnown-XXXX,-

    In tab15.eng are listed:
    XXXX 01 ## L Regular Loan Y Y Y N Y Y N Y Y 00
    XXXX 02 ## L Journal Loan Y N N N Y Y N N N 00
    XXXX 03 ## L No Loan Y Y N N Y Y N N N 00
    XXXX 04 ## L In Library Use Y Y N N Y Y N N N 00
    XXXX 05 ## L By Consultation Y Y N N Y N N N N 00
    XXXX 20 ## L 2-day Loan Y N N N Y N N N N 00
    XXXX 26 ## L 2-day Library Reserve Y N N N Y N N N N 00
    XXXX 32 ## L 3-hour Loan Y N N N Y N N N N 00
    XXXX 33 ## L 3-hour Same Day Y N N N Y N N N N 00
    XXXX 42 ## L A/V Course Reserves (4 hour) Y N N N Y N N N N 00

    There is no XXXX 07 entry in tab15.eng, so it appears in ARC as unknown because of a record whose Z30 History field Z30H-Item-Status = ‘07’.

    The “- UnKnown-XXXX” entry is cause by a record whose Z30H-Item-Status is blank.

    Z30H change data newer than, for example, 1-Jan-2004 (using the Z30H_H_DATE field) is included in the reports by the arc_conf_table.conf setting
    from year = 2004

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013