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    Unknown in xxxr0.stg_dim_bib_info

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 2


    In Bibliographic information (xxxr0.stg_dim_bib_info) 'unknown' is displayed


    This is causes by special characters in the documents.
    This can be caused by importing books catalog from external sources originally from Windows system without proper transfer process.

    Run the following SQL on xxx01 and manually fix the Z13U or Z13 record of the listed DOCS:

    select z13_rec_key, z13_author, z13_title from z13 inner join z13u on z13u_rec_key=z13_rec_key
    where (Z13U_USER_DEFINED_1 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_2 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_3 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_4 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_5 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_6 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_7 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_8 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_9 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_10 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_11 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_12 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_13 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_14 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    Z13U_USER_DEFINED_15 like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    z13_author like '%'||chr(13)||'%' or
    z13_title like '%'||chr(13)||'%' ) ;

    The problem can be in fields such as TITLE or AUTHOR of the Z13 table (original BIB record should be fixed as well) or on Z13U record in any of the Z13U_USER_DEFINED_?? columns.


    Category: ETL (ARC)/ARC

    Subject: Transform and Load - ARC

    • Article last edited: 26-July-2016