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    Unlinked Headings Show in GUI Search

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    When a heading is updated, either via the "Correct heading" option in the Browse node of the Search root, or by editing the BIB record where that heading is only linked to one BIB, the old heading still appears in the Browse list in the GUI search. It has no records linked to it, and it does not appear in the Web OPAC. I notice that there is still an entry in Z01 for these superseded headings (though not in Z01) - should this be the case? I have found this occurring in both Author and Title heading indexes.

    V16-up works differently from v15.2. All headings are displayed in the GUI, in order to see when p-manage-15 should be run. (Some libraries prefer it that way).
    Therefore, in order to eliminate the display of unlinked headings (headings that are not linked to any BIB) in the GUI, we suggest this special workflow using logical bases:

    1) Duplicate your BIB base (ABC01) in tab_base.eng and give it a different name in COL.1 (for example, ABC01LB), like this:

    ABC01 Your University (with Deleted Headngs) ABC01 N
    ABC01LB Your University ABC01 N

    2) In Alephcom/TAB/Searbase, add this logical base (the base name is column 2). For example:
    ABC01 minus deleted headng ABC01LB ABC01

    3) Restart the pc_server

    4) In the GUI > Search > Find, select "ABC01 minus deleted headng" as the base, in order to display only linked headings (as in v15.2).

    Otherwise, please run manage-15 at convenient intervals to delete these unlinked headings.

    Note: You should *not* use the public base (such as, ABC01PUB) for this purpose. This would prevent you from displaying Suppressed records in the GUI..

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    Additional Information

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013