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    Update vs. "Rebuild entire" in batch indexing jobs

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    Certain batch indexing jobs have both an "Update" and a "Rebuild entire" option:

    * Update xxxxx index
    * Rebuild entire xxxxx index

    Can we use the "Update" option to index a range of records?

    Most batch indexing jobs (p_manage_02, p_manage_05, p_manage_07, p_manage_27, p_manage_32, and p_manage_35) have both an "Update" and a "Rebuild entire" option:

    * Update xxxxx index (value "0")
    * Rebuild entire xxxxx index (value "1")

    Though the "Update" option exists for these jobs, it should *not* normally be used. As described in KB's:

    16384-2210 (p_manage_32)
    6606 (p_manage_27)

    and in the GUI Services Help for these jobs: if you choose the Update for a range of documents and if you include documents which have already been indexed, the system will be unable to build the Oracle znn_id index and the index will be unusable.

    (Note: As described in KB 8192-424, util a/17/18 can be used to delete duplicate keys and build a correct unique index.)

    The one exception to this "No Update" rule is the bib p_manage_02: When it is preceded by p_manage_102 (as we recommend it be), you *must* run it with the Update option (in order to avoid deleting the Authority headings which have been brought over from the xxx10 library). If you need to rerun the p_manage_02, it must always be preceded by p_manage_102 -- or else you will have the problem of duplicates described above for the other jobs.

    Because of the preceding kinds of problems the "Update" option was removed from the p_manage_01 Words indexing. When p_manage_01 is run it *always* deletes and rebuilds the Words index tables in their entirety. (We have requested that the name for this job be changed from "Update Words Index" to "Rebuild Words Index".)

    If you want to update the indexes for a particular range of records, you should run the p_manage_40 ("Update Indexes for Selected Records") job, as described in KB 8192-2133.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013