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    Upgrade Express: downtime when using Oracle Data Pump vs. database cloning

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Do you have experience with downtime during 18-20, esp. 19-20, upgrade when using data pump?

    In a Powerpoint, I see that 1 Million titles takes approx. 3 hours, so will 5 million take 15 hours? (I know that we can not predict it exactly as it is also dependent on the hardware).

    Would you recommend a customer with 5 Million BIB records do DB cloning instead of data pump (if they have DBA knowledge)?

    [From Eyal:]

    For larger databases I personally prefer using DB clone rather than DB Pump because it is faster but all depends on their DBA, what he is more comfortable on doing.

    About timing, yes, DB Pump is linear, so, if 1M takes 0.5 hours, then 5M would take 2.5 hours.

    [From Jerry:]

    "1 Million titles takes approx. 3 hours" is too high. It's more like 0.5 hours for 1 million titles.

    See also KB 16384-19041.

    • Article last edited: 4/16/2014