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    Upgrade Express 21-22: steps 1001 and 1003 stall; problems with multi-byte characters

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22

    Problem Symptoms:
    1. The following lines appear in the ./upgrade_express_2101_2201/logs/1001.log:

    * "The z304 table's old version is in z304_old"
    * "creating new table"
    * "nnnnnn rows created" (the last line)

    Then the 1001 step stalls. A check of the xxx50 z304 (Patron address) Oracle table shows that it is empty.

    2. Multi-byte characters (e.g., characters with umlauts) are not handled properly.

    The same problems occur with the 1003 step for the z308 (Patron IDs) table.

    Defect in the ./upgrade_express_2101_2201/source/1001/z304_insert_records.sql and ./z308_insert_records.sql files.

    1. Get the current (1.03 or later) version of the Upgrade Express 21-22 kit from the ftp server.

    2. Run/rerun all Oracle steps (> 999) or rerun steps 1001 and 1003.

    Additional Information

    The "EXIT" added as the final line in this version's ./upgrade_express_2101_2201/source/1001/z304_insert_records.sql file corrects the problem with the stall in step 1001. Other changes correct the problem with multi-byte characters.
    The same changes have been made in Upgrade Express step 1003, which operates in a similar fashion on the z308 table.

    The ./upgrade_express_2101_2201/source/proc/oracle/oracle_table does "creating new table", calls ./upgrade_express_2101_2201/source/1001/z304_create.sql and ./z304_insert_records.sql.

    The "nnnnnn rows created" text is generated by the "z304_insert_records". An ?echo? added immediately after the ${oracle_table}_insert_records.sql line in ./upgrade_express_2101_2201/source/proc/oracle/oracle_table was never executed. The Oracle z304_old had the correct records, but the Oracle z304 was empty.

    • Article last edited: 3/3/2014