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    Upload/Download Files" functionality in Lithuanian GUI interface does not show files

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21

    Problem Symptoms:
    The new "Upload/Download Files" functionality in Lithuanian GUI interface does not show files. For the English interface there is no problem.


    Here are description and implementation notes for rep_change #002030 (Aleph 21):

    Description: It is now possible to download or upload files from the server to the user's local PC station. A new window has been added to the Task Manager of all GUI modules. On the server side, uploading or downloading files can be done from three directories of each library: data_scratch, data_print and data_files. There are separate staff privileges for downloading and uploading. For more information, refer to the Aleph Staff User's Guide and the Aleph System Librarian's Guide.

    Implementation Notes:

    1) Add the following lines to $alephe_tab/user_function.lng:

    TASK-MANAGER L Task Manager DOWNLOAD L Download files from server
    TASK-MANAGER L Task Manager UPLOAD L Upload files to server

    2) Add the following lines to ./[All libraries]/tab/pc_tab_exp_field.lng:


    If localization is required:

    3) Add the following line to .\circ\tab\lng\window.dat:

    CircAdminTree.FTP [F] Upload/Download files

    4) Add the following lines to .\alephcom\tab\lng\window.dat:

    AdminTree.FTP [F] Upload/Download files
    JobMgrFTP.Btn.Refresh &Refresh
    JobMgrFTP.Btn.RefreshLocal Re&fresh
    JobMgrFTP.Btn.Browse &Browse...
    JobMgrFTP.Static.SortOptions Sort By:
    JobMgrFTP.Static.Library Library
    JobMgrFTP.Static.Directory Directory
    JobMgrFTP.Static.ChooseDir Choose Directory
    JobMgrFTP.Sort1 File Name Ascending
    JobMgrFTP.Sort2 File Name Descending
    JobMgrFTP.Sort3 Date / Time Ascending
    JobMgrFTP.Sort4 Date / Time Descending
    JobMgrFTP.Sort5 Size Ascending
    JobMgrFTP.Sort6 Size Descending
    JobMgrFTP.Tab.Screen0 Upload/download Files
    JobMgrFTP.Group.RemoteFiles Remote Files
    JobMgrFTP.Group.LocalFiles Local Files
    JobMgrFTPLocalDir.Title Browse for Folder
    JobMgrFTPLocalDir.Static.ChooseDir Choose Directory to Upload/download Local Files.

    5) Add the following lines to .\alephcom\tab\lng\TAB_COL.dat:

    JOBMGR_LCL_FTP_LIST L Local Name 01 025 01 C01 File name
    JOBMGR_LCL_FTP_LIST L Date 02 025 02 C02 File date
    JOBMGR_LCL_FTP_LIST L Time 03 025 03 C03 File time
    JOBMGR_LCL_FTP_LIST L Size 04 020 04 C04 File size
    JOBMGR_RMT_FTP_LIST L Remote Name 01 030 01 C01 File name
    JOBMGR_RMT_FTP_LIST L Date 02 025 02 C02 File date
    JOBMGR_RMT_FTP_LIST L Time 03 025 03 C03 File time
    JOBMGR_RMT_FTP_LIST L Size 04 020 04 C04 File size

    6) Add the following lines to .\alephcom\tab\[lng]\message.dat:

    IllegalFileName ALEPH GUI O H Illegal file name - \n%s.
    DirectoryNotExist Job Manager O I Please note: The directory\n %s\n doesn't exist and will be created.
    InvalidPath ALEPH GUI O I %s -\nInvalid Directory Path.

    Please check whether the local language sensitive files (above topics 3, 4, 5, 6) are setup correctly for language? The lines described should be contained.

    Category: ALEPH

    Subject: ALEPH

    • Article last edited: 12/5/2013