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    Using the Reading Room Functionality for Integrated ILL (ILL2) Items

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01, 21, 22, 23


    Using the Reading Room functionality for ILL2 items


    You can indeed use the reading room functionality for ill items.
    I have done a lot of testing with this and the workflow is as follows......

    In $data_tab/tab_attr_sub_library (resp. $alephe_tab/tab_attr_sub_library)

    you need a section for the reading room to be able to circulate there.




    !       1            2   3     4     5     6     7
    READ                 1 HIL   HILR
                         3 HIL   HILR
                         4 HILR
                         5 HIL

    To use the reading room functionality set Station Identifier to 'READ' for Reading Room loans.


    HILR as a reading room definition in $alephe_tab/tab_sub_library.lng


    ! 1   2   3   4             5                    6     7     8     9    10   11 !    12   13


    HILR  4 USM50 L Humanities Reading Room        HIL   HIL   17A   HIL   ALEPH

    1. Create an ILL2 request.

    2. Change the pickup location to the reading room in the request details tab of the ILL request when the material arrives and you know it will be reading room use.

    3. Receive the item:

    - choose 'returnable item' and the relevant item status (e.g.74 (reading room ILL)

    - click OK

    The ILL request then shows as loaned to library and the slips etc are printed.


    4. Patron picks up the book

    When the patron comes to collect the item you loan it (with the work station set as reading room) and it then goes into the reading room part of the patron record so that you can move the item between the shelf and the RR.


    5. Return the item

    When you return the item using normal return functionality, you will be informed, that it is an ILL return and needs to be dealt with by the ILL Unit (depending on the ILL setup).


    In ILL it shows as being returned by patron and you can then return the item to the supplier in the normal way.

    When you loan the ILL item to the patron initially you use the normal loan window and so can change the due date there using the normal change date option, then click on the patron's tab to go the reading room section where you can move the item about.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013