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    Util X/11 Clean ARC trigger - when to run this utility in Multi-ADM environment?

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    • Product: Aleph


    When to run util x/11 (Clean ARC trigger)in an Multi ADM environment?
    How many days should be retained?


    util x/11 should only be run, when all ADM libraries have completed their ETL process
    For 'Number of days to retain' see below in 'Additional information'

    Additional Information

    Multi ADM customers should clean ARC trigger table(Z900) in their usr library and BIB libraries by using a new utility - util/x/11 Clean ARC trigger table.
    The new utility (util x 11 ) deletes records that were already handled by the ETL according to the number of days to retain given by the customer.
    The table should be cleaned after running ETL for all ADM libraries according to the eariliest ETL run time.
    The new utility is relevant only for multi ADM customers, for single ADM customers ARC trigger table will be cleaned by the ETL process.
    The cleaning of the ARC trigger table can be done via the job_list by adding a job - clear_arc. The job can get 2 parametres: number of days to retain and the loop count. For example:
    01 10:00:00 Y USR00 clear_arc USR00 2 2000

    A new parameter has been added to the ETL process - Multi-ADM. Possible values are "Y" or "N".
    The default value is "N", which means: ETL runs in a single ADM environment, Z900 (ARC trigger) Oracle table is cleaned at the end of the ETL process and in related BIB and USR libs.
    Setting the parameter to "Y" means: the ETL runs in a Multi-ADM environment, and the Z900 is not cleaned at the end of the ETL process in the related BIB library and USR libraries.
    In this case, the Z900 table of the BIB and USR libraries are not cleaned until all related ADM libraries run the ETL and include the info. from BIB or USR library records.
    Z900 cleaning after ETL on *all* ADMs in by the above util x/11.

    Extract from document 'Aleph for ARC configuration', appendix D 'Cleanup in an Multi-ADM environment'

    The “Number of Days to Retain” parameter:
    The default value of “Number of Days to Retain” is zero, meaning clean all of the Z900 (ARC trigger) Oracle table.
    The value of this parameter depends on how frequent the customer runs the ETL process in the different ADM libraries and the number of days
    that passed from the run of ETL in the first ADM library to the run of "clear_arc" (or util X 11) job (ETL ends in all ADM).
    For example:
    The ETL process can be set to run on USM50 on Sunday on USM51 on Monday and on USM52 on Tuesday.
    The "clear_arc" job in the job list can be set to run on USR and on BIB libraries also on Tuesday after the ETL process ends in the last ADM (USM52).
    In this case, set the "number of days back to retain" to 3.

    Category: ETL (ARC)/ARC

    Subject: ARC

    • Article last edited: 3/21/2014