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VIR01 (or other library) batch queue not starting with aleph_startup

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: 20

The VIR01 lib_batch does not restart automatically like it's supposed to. (And thus clear_vir01 in the job_list is unable to run.) Why?

(The same can be true of *any* library; see Additional Information below.)

In order for the VIR01 batch queue to start automatically, VIR01 needs to be included in the QUE_STARTUP_LIBS in aleph_start.

Typically, you will find:

setenv QUE_STARTUP_LIBS "usm01 usm50"

which you should change to:

setenv QUE_STARTUP_LIBS "usm01 usm50 vir01"

If you have this line and the VIR01 batch queue is still not starting, check aleph_start.private.

If you have a line like this:

setenv QUE_STARTUP_LIBS "lva01 lva02 lva10 lva50 lva60"

it needs to be changed to:

setenv QUE_STARTUP_LIBS "$QUE_STARTUP_LIBS lva01 lva02 lva10"

Without the "$QUE_STARTUP_LIBS" (which says that QUE_STARTUP_LIBS should equal the current value of $QUE_STARTUP_LIBS plus the following libraries), the lvann libraries (from this aleph_start.private) will be started and the libraries from the aleph_start will not..

If there's any question in your mind which libraries are currently included, the command "echo $QUE_STARTUP_LIBS" will tell you.

Additional Information

The same is true not just of VIR01, but of *any* library:  in order for the library's batch queue to started automatically by aleph_startup, the library needs to be included in the aleph_start QUE_STARTUP_LIBS list.  (Of course in the case of a local library, it would be added to the QUE_STARTUP_LIBS in aleph_start.private.)

Category: System management

  • Article last edited: 10/8/2013