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    What Oracle tables are used to produce circulation statistics?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    What Oracle tables are used to produce circulation statistics? (We want to make sure that we don't delete any information necessary for statistics.)

    The p_cir_30 ("General Circulation Statistics") and pc_cir_31 ("Circulation Statistics by Activity Type") both use the z35 table to produce their statistics.

    Though the p_cir_32 ("Remove Patron IDs") job and the total_patron_delete program (used in the GUI and in the cir-23 and file-20 Services) change the z35_id to "SCRyyyymmdd", this does not affect the statistics since the z35_id is not used in the statistics and the other z35 fields -- including the z35_bor_status -- are unaffected by p_cir_32.

    The count of the number of times a particular item has circulated (which appears in the "Loans" column in the GUI Circ Items list) comes from the z30_no_loans field.

    The z36h (loan history) and z37h (request history) tables play no role in Aleph circulation statistics. p_cir_21, using the z309 (circulation log) records, can produce statistics on certain events not covered by the p_cir_30 statistics; see KB's 8192-2759 and 16384-23473.


    • Article last edited: 1/28/2016