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What is SRU? How can it be used with Aleph?

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What is SRU? How can it be used with Aleph?

Web page ("SRU Implementation for Aleph Libraries") at addresses this.

Abstract: "Search/Retrieve via URL (SRU) uses a structured search command language to retrieve library materials via URL. It is a handy technique to create special catalogs for a specific type of library materials (e.g., Chinese videos), a specific subject (e.g., Chinese Americans), or even a specific author (e.g., Jin Yong). Faculty can put such URLs or "special catalogs" on their own webpage or course pages. "

It includes links to SRU at 4 other Aleph libraries.

Note: Ex Libris cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information in the article.

Category: System management

  • Article last edited: 7/1/2015