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    What is the z900 table?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21


    What is the z900 table?


    * The Z900 records are deleted records whose keys are passed to the /reporting_center (ARC) programs. This is a method to indicate to ARC that a particular record needs to be deleted.
    * The records are produced via the znn_trigger_1 triggers which can be seen by:

    > am
    > cd sql_tab
    >grep -i z900 *trigger*
    z08_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z13_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z16_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z20_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z303_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z304_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z305_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z308_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z309_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z30_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z30h_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z31_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z36_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z36h_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z37_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z38_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z501_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z601_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z68_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z70_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z76_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z77_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900
    z78_trigger_1.sql: INSERT INTO &&1.Z900

    * znn_trigger_1's are triggered when a znn record is deleted. For instance, z76_trigger_1.sql has this:

    ON &&1.Z76
    INSERT INTO &&1.Z900

    Category: System Management (500)

    Subject: Oracle (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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