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    Why are Thousands of Z07s Being Generated? *COMPREHENSIVE RECORD*

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    You find that Z07s are being generated in your BIB library (with a backlog of 1000's accumulating) and you don't understand where they are coming from.

    BIB z07s can originate from processes running in the BIB library itself, or they can be the result of updates to associated item, HOL, or Authority records. (The system recognizes that such updates may necessitate update of the BIB indexes built from item or HOL fields included in the BIB record via expands.)

    The z07_history field shows (in bytes 1-5) what library the z07 originated from. This SQL can be used to get a count of how many z07s are originating from each possible source library:
    SQL> select substr (z07_history, 1,5), count(*) from z07 group by substr (z07_history, 1,5);

    (And the z07_sequence shows the date/time; note that they may be "backdated". Back-dating makes the z07's for current online updates be processed in preference to the z07's produced by batch processes, and a large backlog of z07's will *not* prevent the current Cataloging updates from being indexed. See SKB 6242 for more.) This SQL will show you the date/time, the BIB library key, and the source library + the source record key:
    SQL> select z07_sequence, z07_rec_key, substr (z07_history, 1,14) from z07 where z07_sequence like '2007%' order by z07_sequence;
    200701290813156 002238522 USM50000000124

    If the originating library is the BIB library itself, then you should consider these sources:
    * ue_08 (check the xxx01 $data_scratch/run_e_08 log; look for large ue_08 logs);
    * p_manage_18,
    p_manage_33, or
    p_manage_37 (logs in $alephe_scratch); or
    * the oclc_server (check the $LOGDIR/oclc_server log) or the RLIN ue_03 (check the xxx01 $data_scratch/run_e_03 log).

    If the originating library is the ADM library, then see SKB 8192-2743.

    If the originating library is the HOL library, then the z07 was generated as the result of an HOL update. Check the xxx60 $data_scratch directory and the $alephe_scratch for xxx60 jobs.

    If the originating library is the Authority library, then the z07 was generated -- via ue_11/ue_08 -- by an Authority record update (check the xxx01 $data_scratch/run_e_11 and run_e_08 logs). See SKB 8192-1927 for more on Authority re-indexing and ue_08 as the source of Z07 creation. Note: In v18 we are seeing xxx01 as the Z07-H-LIBRARY, even though the z07 was generated by ue_08 as the result of an Authority update.

    Batch updates to Authority records (by p_manage_18, p_manage_31, p_manage_21, or p_manage_40

    In addition, numerous online updates to BIBs, items, HOL, or Authority records can generate numerous z07s.

    If the problem is that ue_01 is processing the records very slowly (less than 1 every 5 seconds), see these KB's: 8192-2265, 8192-2328, 8192-2329.


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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013