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    Why does the link LOC field in full view not work (only MAB2 environment)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Why does the link from the LOC field in full view not work (only MAB2 environment)

    The field LOC is built by expanding Z30 data to the BIB record. There are some things you should know when dealing with the LOC field:

    2. MAB customers sometimes experience problems since the order of subfields is different from USM. In USM subfield b is the sub-library, in MAB it is the collection. Therefore the link from the WWW OPAC full view to the holdings fails, since the system searches for a non-existing sub-library with the name of a collection.

    Solution: Create another configuration table for the LOC field, where you change the subfields. In tab_expand change the line

    WEB-FULL expand_doc_bib_z30 CONF=expand_doc_bib_z30_loc,TAG=LOC


    WEB-FULL expand_doc_bib_z30 CONF=expand_doc_bib_z30_loc2,TAG=LOC

    Now create this new configuration table expand_doc_bib_z30_loc2 by copying expand_doc_bib_z30_loc:

    cp expand_doc_bib_z30_loc expand_doc_bib_z30_loc2
    vi expand_doc_bib_z30_loc2

    In the new configuration file exchange the subfields a and b:

    # z30-sub-library b space N
    # z30-collection a space N

    Now the sublibrary will be expanded into subfield b, just as it is in USMARC. The link from full view to the holdings will now work.

    Additional Information

    MAB2, WEB-FULL, expand_doc_bib_z30

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013