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    cir-51 Not Printing Notices for Patrons with Email Addresses

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    When running the cir-51 process we are having trouble getting it to both print and email the notices. We configured the client according to the document in SKB# 7198. We are using the print deamon to automatically process the notices. When the print.ini configuration is set to “B” all notices to patrons with email address are NOT printed and notices to patrons with no email addresses are printed. If we set this configuration to “P” all notices are printed (both email and non-email patrons). Something seems wrong. How can we have notice both print for everyone and emailed for patrons with email addresses? We did not have this problem with v16, but apparently v18 has different defaults that are messing things up.

    By modifying "plain-funcs.xsl" and "plain-funcs-address.xsl" I was able to get the print deamon to both print and email.
    We had customed (added) a section to each of the non-plain "funcs" files that had the extension "-abc" ("header-gen-abc" in the "funsc.xsl" file and "patron-address-lva" in the "funcs-address.xsl" file).
    Both the "plain-funcs.xsl" and the "plain-funcs-address.xsl" file needed similar sections so I copied the "header-gen" section in the "plain-funcs.xsl" file and named it "header-gen-abc".
    In the "plain-funcs-address.xsl" I copied the "patron-address" section and named it "patron-address-abc".
    Then ran my little test on the PC that is allowed to email at the circulation desk.
    It works just fine now with the print.ini file set to "B" using the print daemon.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013