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    expand_doc_bib_accref_1 for new AUT library does not work

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20


    Expand_doc_bib_accref (expanding unpreferred terms from AUT record into BIB record) for a new AUT library does not work. Why?


    Problem is not with expand_doc_bib_accref but because the index entries from BIB and AUT record are not identical. In BIB record for the according AUT field an additional subfield $$x is added which is missing in the AUT record.

    Index entry in BIB record

    Index entry in AUT record:

    Delete the additional subfield from BIB record field OR ignore subfield $$x in the indexing of the field from BIB record by doing the following modification in xxx01/tab/tab11_acc:
    711## SWA
    711## SWA -x

    Afterwards re-indexing is required.

    Category: Cataloging (500) - ALEPH

    Subject: Authorities (500) - ALEPH

    • Article last edited: 1/24/2014