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    file_list.ADM triggers not created by Upgrade Express 20->21

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21


    Shouldn't the following triggers (in $aleph_root/tab/file_list.ADM) be created by Upgrade Express for versions 21 and 22? What are these triggers?

    TRI z76_trigger_1
    TRI z601_trigger_1
    TRI z31_trigger_1
    TRI z77_trigger_1
    TRI z30_trigger_1
    TRI z30h_trigger_1
    TRI z36_trigger_1
    TRI z36h_trigger_1
    TRI z37_trigger_1
    TRI z20_trigger_1
    TRI z68_trigger_1
    TRI z16_trigger_1
    TRI z501_trigger_1
    TRI z70_trigger_1
    TRI z08_trigger_1
    TRI z38_trigger_1
    TRI z309_trigger_1
    TRI z78_trigger_1
    TRI z305_trigger_1
    TRI z13_trigger_1

    These triggers are not created during the upgrade. There's a mention of triggers in the Version 20 to 21 Upgrade Express Guide: "Run Util a/17/6/4 to verify that the triggers used by the system are enabled" but no mention that there are new triggers.


    These triggers are necessary only in the case where the site is running the p_arc_01 ETL proc, as part of the ARC (Aleph Resource Center) product.

    v21 rep_ver 17126 shows this:

    Description: ARC - Incremental ETL.
    Adding the option to run ETL in full incremental mode. The incremental load extracts all changes in done in ALEPH tables since last load (Delta).
    The incremental ETL should run on a daily basis in order for the ARC DB will be updated with ALEPH latest information.
    In order to activate the incremental ETL, run ETL with a new run mode - 'C' (Complete Incremental), for example:

    csh -f p_arc_01 USM50,ALL,N,01,C


    In order to activate the incremental ETL functionality the following should be defined:
    1) Add the table Z900 in the ADM, BIB and USR libraries.
    2) Add the following triggers:

    Upgrade Express no longer adds these -- or any other entries -- to the $data_root file_list. The idea is that such entries will be included from the $aleph_root/tab/ .

    Additional Information

    See also, Articles 000021711 ("Configuring Aleph 21 for ARC 3.0, z900 triggers") and 00012432 ("Managing file_list in 16.02-up").

    Category: Installation & Upgrades (500)

    • Article last edited: 7/30/2014