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    job_list job doesn't run **Master record**

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Problem Symptoms:
    A job which has an entry in the $alephe_tab/job_list file doesn't run.

    Various. See Resolution and Additional Information below.

    1. Make certain that the $alephe_tab/job_list entry (also editable via util e/16/1) is correct;
    2. Restart the job daemon (util e/15/1) after any change to the job_list file
    3. Make sure that the batch queue (the "lib_batch" process) of the library in which the job is supposed to run is active (util c/1)

    Additional Information


    Is there a log for the job in $alephe_scratch?

    Yes: This means that the job ran, but may have failed for some reason. Examine the log to see why.
    Does util c/1 for the library the job was supposed to run in show a lib_batch process?

    No: Does util c/7 show that the job is queued up waiting to run? If so, you need to start the batch queue (util c/2).
    Check the jobd.log file in $alephe_scratch. Is there a "Performing Jobs" line for this job at the expected time?

    Yes: If it shows an error, the job_list entry needs to be corrected. If no error, that means the job was released. If the library's batch queue is running, this indicates a problem with the batch queue. Jobs submitted via GUI Services are also likely not running. See SKB 5672.

    No (there is no "Performing Jobs" line)
    Check the two-character Day value in column 1 of the job_list entry in job_list.conf to make certain that
    today is marked with a "Y". (Note: the first day is Sunday; the last is Saturday.)

    If it is and it's not seen in the jobd.log, it may be that the job daemon was not restarted after the change or that there's a problem with the job daemon. In either case, do util e/15/2 to kill the job daemon, util e/15/3 to confirm that it has been stopped, then util e/15/1 to restart it.


    For version 21 installations using elib services: In the $alephe_root/aleph_start.private file there is the JOBD_STARTUP parameter. If it's equal to "N", the job daemon is not started by the aleph_startup script.

    • Article last edited: 4/16/2014